Golden Frames Woodworking School is situated in and around the ‘Scott clan’ family home and as such we welcome our students into our whanau/tribe when they come to learn on our courses. My husband, Graeme Scott, tutors all the courses while I organise the administration, bookings, marketing and catering. Together we make a formidable team! Sometimes our two boys, Caleb and Connor, help out making hardwood pegs and even chiseling the odd mortise.

As a family our philosophy is to tread lightly on the Earth. Sometimes we do this with ease and sometimes not but this is why we choose to live off grid – to be responsible for our own power, water, waste and as much of our food as possible. This flows through into our courses – teaching people to build their own homes, and make the utensils to go in those homes empowers people to make positive environmental choices and take responsibility for creating their homes and shelters.

“There is nothing more satisfying than using natural materials, and your own hands, to create something beautiful whist being surrounded by the very environment those materials came from.” Liv Scott

In 2017, as another aspect to sharing skills, knowledge, environmental awareness and to create a platform to encourage positive environmental change, Graeme and I founded the Living Wood Fair.

The groove that brought Graeme to this point

Graeme has been a carpenter for most of his life starting in his dad’s shed as a kid, moving through set building and boat renovations to home and workshop building – for more than 15 years this has been his sole profession.

13 years ago he went to Canada for a year where he trained and worked as a log builder – learning from one of the founding fathers of modern log building techniques and working with very experienced log builders through all kinds of weather.

Working with well known timber framers in the UK he spent a few years refining his traditional framing knowledge whilst also running an eco build company. During this time he utilised various building techniques including logs, round wood, traditional timber framing and straw bales, he ran a saw mill and trained up a couple of guys in log building. We moved to New Zealand 6 years ago and Graeme worked as a conventional carpenter/ builder as the sustainable build industry in NZ is very small but after years of dissatisfaction with the chemical filled building industry and seeing a real gap and need for this kind of natural building he decided to make the jump to teach.

Graeme’s wide ranging experience and extraordinary passion for wood and environmental sustainability provide an incredible knowledge base to learn from.

Since 2017 we have run 2 fully subscribed, very successful tiny home timber framing courses, a taster course at the Living Wood Fair and are aiming to branch out into more courses in 2019 including teaching the alternative building section of the new Sustainable Living Course in Golden Bay.