Merging into a greater vision by staying tiny

Merging our traditional Timber Frame Tiny Home Courses with Tiny Lifestyle has been a fantastic cultivation and germination process for us. The seed funding behind Tiny Lifestyle is enabling us to unfold and widen our vision of empowering people

  • to take responsibility for creating their homes and shelters,
  • to learn wood working techniques that will stand the test of time and
  • to tread lightly on the Earth.

Stemming from similar values, similar ideals and a similar vision of the future this entwining of people, organisations and energies has been a smooth and easy process fitting like a tenon into a perfectly chiseled mortise to take our collective vision further.

We can now offer more Timber Frame Tiny Home courses and bring you some very special, stunning tiny structures.


From our brand new workshop, with an onsite communal house, we run our Timber Frame Tiny Home courses. These can be part or fully catered, with multiple accommodation options from free camping, to a bedroom in the communal house or other local options. The next courses are on the 1-7th December and 2nd-8th February click on the links to find out more and book your place.

We also provide specially tailored Team Building Experiences for businesses wanting to create stronger bonds within organisations. Hands on crafting, calculating and working together to create a beautiful structure that you can keep or donate to a cause or community group close to your heart.


Using local, sustainable timbers we build beautiful hand crafted 10 square meter structures which can be the base for adorable tiny homes, stunning sleepouts, hardy workshops and unique pergolas. You are limited only by your imagination!

We are always working on new creations to make our quality, handcrafted, soul nourishing, healthy, natural, sustainable, timber tiny spaces accessible to a wider audience. So keep your eye on the Tiny Lifestyle website to stay up to date as we announce more products.