Pole Lathes

The very first round joints date back to the Egyptians as early as 1350BC and the earliest recorded wheel was dated to 1300BC although how either of these were produced was not known. The earliest depiction of a pole lathe is pictured in an Egyptian tomb and is dated 300BC. Romans turned wood and stone, and the Saxons were very good turners making cups and bowls as they were not very good at pottery. In the mid 1700s cup and bowl turning started to decline while chair production increased. By the late 1700s some of the chair turning work was being ‘done outside [of the] chair – shop‘ this was the start of bodging. Now after almost totally disappearing the art of bodging is having a resurgence that you can join too and enjoy the satisfaction of drinking out of a cup you have made by hand. Come and learn how to build a pole lathe at Golden Frames Woodworking School. Our next workshop is 2nd – 4th August.


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